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This is an archive of sorts for everything bandslash related: Bandsites, Primers, Blogs/Journals, Fic, Picspams, Video, Live Journal communities and Miscellaneous things.

I want this to be as informative and helpful as possible for everyone, so if there is something that needs to be added, fixed, updated, PLEASE let me know! If there is something wrong with a tag, author name, article, broken link, again, PLEASE let me know!

Fall Out Boy
Panic! at the Disco
My Chemical Romance
Gym Class Heroes
The Academy Is...
Cobra Starship
Fueled By Ramen
Decaydance Pete's record label (Gym Class Heroes, The Hush Sound, Cobra Starship, Panic! at the Disco)

Panic! at the Disco primer by cyclogenesis
Girlfriends of PATD, FOB, TAI, etc. primer
Bandslash primer by femmequixotic
Jon Walker primer by makealimb (also a picspam!)
Gym Class Heroes primer
Fall Out Boy primer
The Academy Is... primer

Pete @ buzznet
Joe @ buzznet
Pete @ Fueled By Ramen
Pete @ blogger
J-Walk @ LJ
The Academy Is... @ buzznet
Gym Class Heroes @ buzznet
Cobra Starship @ buzznet
Fall Out Boy tour @ buzznet


Fall Out Boy
Turn My Head Into Sound by ficbyzee (FOB, Rish, Patrick/Pete)
Call It Enough by joyfulseeker (FOB, Pete/Patrick)
Hold Off Your Bets Now by ficbyzee (FOB, NC17, Pete/Patrick) Part 2 | Part 3
Not A Big Deal by lovelypoet (FOB, NC17, Patrick/Pete)
Trade Baby Blues For Wide Eyed Browns by provetheworst (FOB, crack, bodyswitching, PG13, Patrick/Pete)
Straight On 'Til Morning by the_jenmark (FOB, PG, Patrick/Pete)
There's Probably A Reason I Love You, I'll Get Back To You On That by sidereal (FOB, R, Pete/Patrick)
Problem Solving. Or: An Idiot's Guide To Fall Out Of Love by kosher_pareve (FOB, Rish, Pete/Patrick, guest appearances by the Way Brothers)
A Five Letter Word Meaning Ardor by iphignia939 (FOB, Patrick/Pete)
Read My Mind by sunday_porch (FOB, gen, Pete/Patrick, appearances by other bands)
Lace Up Your Skates Real Good by pre_emptive (FOB, NC17, Pete/Patrick)
Say It Like You Mean It by megyal (FOB, PG, Patrick/Pete)
Internal Consistency by iphignia939 (FOB, Rish, Patrick/Pete)
Marabou by provetheworst (FOB, crack, NC17, Pete/Patrick)
Chicago by lilywhitelilith (FOB + Jon, NC17, Patrick/Jon)
The No Seatbelt Song by mariannafic / insunshine (FOB, R, Pete/Patrick with appearances by: Joe, Patrick's mom. Andy, the Panic! boys, Mrs Hurley references. MARRIAGE FIC, AW YAY)
Incident Light by violentfires (FOB + Jon, NC17, Pete/Patrick + J-Walk and his camera)
Half A Million Words And Nowhere To Start by one900 (FOB, R, Pete/Patrick)
In Which Pete Wonders Why His Life Is An Outline For A Death Cab For Cutie Aong (ft. Sleepy Tired Patrick) by one900 (FOB, R, Pete/Patrick)

Panic! at the Disco
That's What He Said Part 1 by cyclogenesis (PATD, NC17, GSF, mention of Ryan/Pete) | Part 2 | Part 3
This Is No Time For Bravery by imochan (PATD, G, Brendon/Ryan)
It's Not Always A Porno (Sometimes It's A Sitcom) by crazyjedi (PATD, R, Spencer/Jon)
There's No 'I' In Ryan Ross by jzbell (PATD, NC17, GSF)
Four Men And A Little Cabin by gigantic (PATD, Rish, GSFish)
Ash In Your Mouth by flimsy (PATD, NC17, Brendon/Ryan)
Outerspace For Nonbelievers by gigantic (PATD, R, Brendon/Spencer)
The Way I See It #186 by beingothrwrldly (PATD, soft R, Jon/Spencer)
Sleeping Lessons by beingothrwrldly (PATD genfic)
Head Tilt by joyfulseeker (PATD genfic)
Four Times Brendon Sleeps In The Lounge Instead (One Time He Doesn't) by gigantic (PATD, gen/R, Brendon/Ryan ish)
You Can Get What You Need by kissingchaos939 (PATD, PG13, Brendon/Spencer)
Synergy by kueble_fic (PATD, NC17, GSF, ryanisawhore)
Sending Post Cards From Las Vegas (Wishing You Were Here) by crayola123 (PATD, NC17, Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie. Future parts: Spencer/Ryan/Brendon, Jon/Spencer/Ryan/Brendon) | Part 2 | Part 3
Accidental by kueble_fic (PATD, NC17, Jon/Spencer)
The Hand That Feeds You by sunday_porch (PATD, NC17, Ryan/Brendon, implied Ryan/Keltie)
Expect the Unexpected by lady_deathangel (PATD, NC17, Ryan/Brendon)
Crumbs by highlightdelete (PATD, PG, Brendon/Ryan)
Welcome To The Record by beingothrwrldly (PATD genfic)
History Proven Safety Songs by gigantic (PATD genfic)
A Beautiful Sight, We're Happy Tonight by beingothrwrldly (PATD genfic)
Not The World's Most Masculine Man by sunday_porch (PATD, NC17, genderswitch AU, Brendon/Ryan, HET)
Sweeter Than Candy, Better Than Cake by sunday_porch (PATD, NC17, Brendon/Ryan/Spencer, Brendon/Ryan/Spencer/Jon)
Both Sides Now by sunday_porch (PATD, bodyswitch AU, NC17, Brendon/Ryan, Brendon/Ryan/Spencer)
Acquiescence Hard Gained by ficlaidbare (PATD, NC17, GSF)
Just A Little Longer, Long Enough by deliberatefic (PATD, NC17, Spencer/Ryan, Ryan/Brendon, Spencer/Jon, and more.)
BEARDSTEW by one900 (PATD, mainly)
Crowd Control by raye6 (PATD, NC17, GSF)
I Am A Camera by iridescentglow (PATD, R, Spencer/Jon)
Deep Purple by jzbell (PATD, NC17, GSF)
More Than Curiosity by wordsaremyfaith (PATD, NC17, Spencer/Ryan)
Composition Of An Epic In Progress by ficlaidbare (PATD, NC17, GSF)
Self Discovery; Or Something Like It by lady_deathangel (PATD, gen focused on Ryan Ross)
Like So Much Science by proteinscollide (PATD, R, GSF)
So We'll Stop Pretending by iphignia939 (PATD, PG13-R, Spencer/Ryan, GSFish at the end)
The One Where Spencer Called Jon 'Thick' (But Not Like That) by aphoristick (PATD, R, Jon/Spencer, Brendon/Ryan)
A Tedious Argument Of Insidious Intent by violentfires (PATD, PG, Jon/Ryan)
Waking Up To A Face Is Way Scarier Than It Sounds one900 (PATD genfic)
Misconduct by gigantic (PATD, NC17, Brendon/Spencer)
Where The Light Bends At The Cracks by flimsy (PATD, NC17, Ryan/Jon)
Once Upon A Tour Bus by ladyshiny and fliptomybside (PATD, R, Brendon/Ryan, Jon/Spencer) Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12
Fascinate by therecordskipsx (PATD, R/NC17, Ryan/Brendon WARNING: Blood kink)
The Best Part by voltagecity (PATD, NC17, Brendon/Jon)
The One Where Ryan Ross Gets Gangbanged by deliberatefic (PATD, NC17, Brendon/Ryan, GSF)
Hormones In Key by flimsy and simpleconstruct (PATD + Pete, NC17, Brendon/Ryan/Jon/Spencer + Pete)
And Throw It Wide by starstillwonder (PATD, NC17, Brendon/Spencer)
The World Just Happens by proteinscollide (PATD, NC17, Spencer/Ryan)
In Media Res by jzbell (PATD, NC17, Brendon/Ryan)

I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Brightly Colored Sex Toy by jzbell (PATD, NC17, Brendon/Ryan, mention of Pete)|Sequel | Another Sequel | Sequel to the sequels
And Set This Cruise Control For Crash by cyclogenesis (PATD, NC17, Ryan/Spencer, implied Ryan/Brendon)
Where The Blame Lies by ficlaidbare / clumsygyrl (PATD/FOB, NC17, Patrick/Ryan/Brendon)
Make Up For The (Radio) Silence by quettaser (PATD/FOB, R, Pete/Ryan)
Leave Us Alone When We're Riding High by beingothrwrldly (PATD/FOB, NC17, Pete/Ryan)
Kissing Banks Under The Moon by beingothrwrldly (PATD/FOB, Rish, Pete/Ryan) Part 2
Except Under The Pale Light by cyclogenesis (PATD/FOB, NC17, Pete/Ryan, implied Ryan/Brendon)
Teen Hearts Exchange Fic by sly_prince (FOB/MCR, Pete/Mikey, fluff)
Couldn't See There From Here by joyfulseeker (PATD/FOB, hard R[?], Jon/Pete)
Irrational by schuyler (PATD/MCR, NC17, Frank/Brendon, Frank/Brendon/Jon)
Not Quite A Fairy Tale Ending by virtuousvices (PATD/FOB, NC17, Pete/Ryan)
5 People Patrick Stump Never Slept With (Under the Loosely Defined Concept of "Slept With" As Regards to "Sleeping Next to Someone"), and One He Did by iphignia939 (FOB, Rish, Patrick/Gerard, Patrick/Travis, Patrick/Ryan/Brendon/Spencer, Patrick/Chris, Patrick/Pete.)
Confessions Of A Baffled Mind by circuity (PATD/FOB, PG, Brendon/Patrick)
MANSTEW by one900 (Various)
Shining Like Vegas Lights by one900 (PATD/The Killers, Rish, Brendon/Brandon)
Water Tower by memories_defeat (FOB/MCR, R, Pete/Mikey, implied Mikey/Gerard)
Unfogging The Future by one900 (PATD/The Killers, R, Brendon/Brandon)
Pink Bics and Bratz Dolls (A Gentle Timeline) by one900 (various, R for language)
Most Played Track by kueble and insunshine (PATD/FOB, NC17, Spencer/Pete, Spencer/Jon)
You're Crashing But You're No Wave by insunshine (PATD/FOB, NC17, Patrick/Spencer)

AU: Various/Crossband
Us by ezboard_1 (PATD/The Killers, AU, R-NC17, Brendon/Brandon)
Sex Is The Most Awful, Filthy Thing On Earth [Save It For Someone You Love] by stereo_junkie (bandslash AU, NC17, Various. Updates fairly regularly) | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10
Stars When You Shine by ficbyzee (Various, AU from FOB's "16 Candles" video)
Don't Need To Be Anything Other by callsigns (PATD/FOB, AU, hard Rish, Brendon/Pete, Brendon/Pete/Spencer)
Blood On The Sheets And Your Name On My Collarbone by fluffontop (AU based on FOB's "16 Candles" vampire video, R, various pairings)

AU: Fall Out Boy
Bloodsucking's Just Another Way To Say I Love You by cyclogenesis (FOB, NC17, Pete/Patrick, AU based on FOB's "16 Candles vampire video)
And The Moon In Their Net by iphignia939 (FOB, AU, Pete/Patrick, Patrick/OC) | Part 2
A Little More Sixteen Candles by provetheworst (FOB, AU, High School, R, Pete/Patrick) Part 2
We Could Make Beautiful Music Together - 18, Glenview by iphignia939 (FOB, AU, hard R, Patrick/Pete)
I Like Finger Instruments And Mouth Organs - 18, Glenview by iphignia939 (FOB, AU, NC17, Patrick/Pete)

AU: Panic! at the Disco
Retail Jobs And Cracks In The Ceiling by fluffontop (PATD, AU, NC17, Ryan/Brendon) Part 2
The Only Difference between Love and Infatuation is the Time It Takes for That Look in Your Eyes to Disappear by xlatestxplaguex (PATD, AU, NC17, Brendon/Ryan) | Part 2
False Advertising by provetheworst (PATD, AU, NC17, Brendon/Ryan, Spencer/Ryan)
Moulin Rouge AU by highlightdelete (PATD, AU, NC17, Brendon/Ryan, Ryan/Spencer, Brendon/Spencer) Part 2

boytouching by seanrenay 1 2
Panic! at the Disco picspam by seanrenay
Pete/Patrick picspam by femmequixotic
bandslash picspam by luciamd
William Beckett picspam by callsigns
Jon Walker picspam by makealimb (also a primer!)

Rage clips Panic! at the Disco
Ryan and Jon on the radio in Australia Panic! at the Disco
Pete In London
Pete Wentz fighting with a security guard
Pete Wentz rapping
Fall Out Boy - Pete on Steven's Untitled Rock Show
Patrick Talking About The Black Clouds And Underdogs Tour
Pete giving Patrick a breast examination
Drumline from PATD show Dec 8
Pete Wentz Porn Ninja
Panic! at the Disco's interview with Rolling Stone
Panic! at the Disco - The Only Difference... Live in Denver
Patrick Stump's tour of L.A.
Behind the Scenes: Thnks Fr Th Mmrs video
Brendon Urie getting knocked out by a water bottle at Reading '06
P!ATD Answer Your Qs: Kerrang
PANIC! AT THE DISCO - Backstage At The VMA's

Miscellaneous (press, commentary, recs, etc.)
cyclogenesis's fanfiction site
cyclogenesis's rec list on 3-13-07 (mostly PATD GSF)
Panic! at the Disco: Cover Story for Rolling Stone magazine January 2007
Ryan's old LJ | 2
cyclogenesis's review of the PATD show
Chicago Sun Times Article on Fall Out Boy
Chicago Sun Times article on Pete Wentz
The Advocate article/interview with Pete Wentz
Clandestine Industries Pete's clothing label
Fall Out Boy: Cover Story for Rolling Stone magazine February 2007
Exclusive Audio: Wentz Bares His Emo Soul: Rolling Stone magazine February 2007

LJ comms
damnyouwentz Anything and everything bandslash related. Fic, discussion, squeeing, etc.
we_are_cities Prompts, fic
patricks_thighs Patrick's Thighs, because hi, they're tehsexxx
patrickxpeter Slash community for Patrick/Peter
fueledbynoodles Everything Fueled By Ramen. seriously.
yeahchemical My Chemical Romance slash fanfiction
mychemicalslash My Chemical Romance slash fanfiction
patd Official LiveJournal Community for Panic! at the Disco
slashatthedisco Panic! at the Disco slash fanfiction
patdjon LJ Comm for fans of J-Walk
patdspencer LJ Comm for fans of Spencer
patdryan LJ Comm for fans of Ryan
patdbrendon LJ Comm for fans of Brendon
teamjonwalker TEAM JON WALKER!!
panicxgraphics Panic! at the Disco graphics
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